Invited User Sign Up

Once you invite the user from the User Management portal, the User will receive an invitation email. The user needs to click on “Start Working Smarter” button in the email for further proceedings. The button will be active for 24 working hours. If the user didn’t click this button in the 24 hours window, the button in the email will get de-activated and also the user will be removed from the user list of the platform.

The user needs to provide the name, password. confirm password and captcha for verification. The user selects the tick box section under the notification and clicks “Sign Up”

Once they signed up successfully, they can able to get into the platform portal. If the user invited as an Administrator, they will have the full access as of Administrator who created the platform. If the use invited as an Internal/External User, they will have access to the dashboard alone.

The User will become active in the Administrator’s user section, once they signed up to their account.