Our Partners

Blackstone Law Solicitors (www.blackstonelaw.co)

Blackstone Law Solicitors & Advocates Limited is an award winning firm that is responsive by giving its clients a personal client care service by employing a commitment and driven team. It is at the forefront developing exiting and practical training for all Organisations. It commends its self on quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Its senior partner and managing director Bilkis Mahmood has been recognised for services to law and won a national award and most recently she has been shortlisted for the Solicitor Advocate for 2018 by Finance & Legal.

Arcos Global (www.arcosglobal.com)

At Arcos Global Ltd., our goal is to provide quality – whether in products or services, based on our commitment to global excellence. When it comes to e-commerce, we want to provide an online shopping experience involving high quality products with a competitive edge. As a company, we spend countless man hours towards refining our products, our supply chain and our operations in order to give the best value to our customers. We know this can only come by listening to our customers regularly, incorporating their valuable feedback, and giving them the best products and experiences that they will truly appreciate.​

Arcos Transmedia (www.arcostransmedia.com)

Arcos Transmedia Limited, provide localisation services that provides an invaluable service. With support for over 100 languages and accents, we can take care of your localisation needs. We provide you localisation support in the following spheres: – translations – voiceovers – dubbing – subtitling​